Late October,2021

Sweetyard Dogs?

Sweetyard Dogs is a collection of 10,000 NFTs randomly generated on the Ethereum blockchain.

Some of the Sweetyard Dogs are gentle and lovely, maybe a little dummy, and some are cunning. Sweetyard Dogs is good at making ordinary things in daily life become interesting. Obviously, they have memes and animation factors in their blood.

THE SWEETYARD – An innovative project, a paradise full of surprises and benefits jointly run by the sweetheart dogs. You can’t be wrong by joining these all kinds of unexpected surprises…
THE SWEETYARD is a main social club where the Sweetyard Dogs gather for fun.

In the future, every member who has Sweetyard Dogs– jointly governed the community together-will be allowed to enter THE SWEETYARD, where it will provide various benefits. It is currently an alpha test version, welcoming everyone to visit THE SWEETYARD.

The future development of Sweetyard Dogs metaverse is promising. We invite you to join. Don’t miss it!

Welcome to The SWEETYARD DOGS Playground Demo version.

Sweetyard Dogs Collection

10,000 Sweetyard Dogs, fair release, fair distribution: each costs 0.05 ETH. Give holder ownership and commercial use rights of NFT. Holders will receive benefits through roadmap activations and surprises.
Sweetyard Dogs_THE SWEETYARD: A membership club for sharing and co-governance.

Randomly airdrop 10 special NFT to the first 888 SWEETYARD DOGS owners.

Randomly airdrop 10 special SWEETYARD DOGS NFT to the first 2,500 SWEETYARD DOGS owners.

• Post the DOG you own on Twitter and tag us, randomly giveaway 10 super rare SWEETYARD DOGS to the holders!

• Maintain a fund of 20 ETH or more to give back to the community (through competitions, lotteries, etc.)

• Airdrop "Sweetheart Bomb" NFT to every member who owns Sweetyard Dogs. Afterward, Sweetheart Bomb will turn things into magic.

• Open THE SWEETYARD and invite members to enter more communities to experience surprises and benefits get more feedback.

• The owners of Sweetyard Dogs will jointly determine the future of these projects and get more benefits together!

Sweetyard Dog team members come from different countries. All of us love to accept challenges. Right now, we are working hard, and we are eager to bring Sweetyard Dogs metaverse to you.

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique digital item that can buy, own, and trade. In addition to the collection, it also has additional functions, such as participate in exclusive community events.

Believe me, Sweetyard Dogs is really fierce (as the target of NFT investment). The community will continue to develop more projects. With Sweetyard Dogs, you will become a member of a great community-besides being able to express opinions and voting for the direction of project development, the most important thing is to get a variety of enviable rewards and benefits!

Your DOGS will appear in whatever address, or connected wallet you used to purchase the DOGS. And you can view them on Opensea.

Join our Discord and start interacting with the community! The community encourages bold speeches and crazy ideas, and practice the spirit of SWEETYARD DOGS together!